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QuickBooks Invoices - Paper or Digital?

Almost anyone who creates invoices in QuickBooks knows how to print them. We’ve been doing it for years and the commands to print are straightforward and easy to follow.

What about emailing invoices? No paper. No printing. No stuffing envelopes, adding stamps, or taking to the post office. And no extra charge. Interested? Let’s look at the process.

Fist, make sure you tell QuickBooks about your email account and how you normally access email.

Outlook is an easy choice, QuickBooks integrates with the Microsoft Office program. The other options are Web Mail and QuickBooks Email. The QuickBooks choice is a subscription based add-on service. If you use a web mail account like Gmail or Yahoo, it’s easy to setup.

Simply make the Web mail choice and then tell QuickBooks your email address and the service used, like Gmail. If you use a little known email provider, the setup can be trickier. You may need to have some technical ability to manage the linkup.

The setup so far is your email address, the address that will show to the customer as the From address. Setup your customers’ email addresses in the Customer Center.

At this point, QuickBooks has the information it needs. Use the Send commands when creating an invoice rather than the print ones.

It’s possible to either email the invoice at the time of creation, or mark the Send Later box and batch Send a number of invoices at once, just like you batch print.

QuickBooks even keeps a record for you of the messages you have sent to each customer. When the question comes up, did you email that invoice, you can find the answer easily.

More and more people are turning to electronic mail for invoices right out of QuickBooks. The ease of using electronic forms rather than paper ones can be irresistible.

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