The Case for QuickBooks Online

As online applications continue to grow in popularity, we need to ask ourselves from time to time, is it time for me to switch? The answer will vary from one QuickBooks user to another. QuickBooks Online isn’t the best choice for everyone. For some though, the advantages will become irresistible at some point. Bank Balance Management The number one time-saving element of QuickBooks Online (QBO) that never fails to impress is Bank Feeds. Once your QBO account is synchronized w

Being Mobile With QuickBooks

One of the selling points of QuickBooks Online is the anytime, anywhere access. While having access to your business books from anywhere there’s an internet connections, there’s more. QBO is also mobile. QBO has an app for iPhones/iPad and Android devices. Let’s get a brief overview of what’s possible on an Apple iPhone. Above is a screenshot of the QBO menu on an iPhone screen. The menu items give access to almost all of the information in your QBO accounting program. Your

Bank Transactions Made Easy With QBO

One of the time-saving features in QuickBooks Online (QBO) is the ability to automatically download bank transactions. Those transactions can then be matched to existing ones in QBO, or entered as new. Note the arrow in the screenshot of the QBO company home page. One of the bits of handy information on this page is the bank balance. The balance in QBO, resulting from the transactions we have entered manually, is $1201.00. According to the bank though, it is -3621.93. We must